Tuesday, 4 September 2012

26-31 Aug 2012 – Family Visit – Week Two

Week Two started with a short thunderstorm, just what we needed to reduce the temperatures to a more reasonable 30c

Still warm enough to keep the water in the pool comfortable

But cool enough to make it comfortable to visit Jalon to let Jack play on the swings....
...and enjoy a cool drink at our favourite bar

The pool gets more use in these two weeks than in the rest of the year put together.   Jan and I have to book an hour in advance if we want to use it ourselves

In the evenings we walk down to Parcent to let Jack and Georgia tire themselves out ready for bed
And on the way back to visit the village font.  This is Georgia’s particular favourite and she would happily play here for hours and hours

Two weeks goes all too quickly.   Now unfortunately they have returned to the UK.  The house seems very quiet and empty and we will need a few days to get back into our regular routine.   But we have our memories, and we will see them all again at Christmas


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