Tuesday, 18 September 2012

17 Sep 2012 – Parcent Monday Walk

We had hoped to go for a “proper walk” this week, but the high temperatures convinced us to abandon the idea.  

 Instead we did a circular walk to Parcent.   The short cut to the village takes about 10 minutes; this one is through the campo and takes about half an hour.   Hardly a “Monday Walk”, but at least it got us out

We did walk to Jalon from Parcent last Saturday, but I forgot to take my camera!  It was nice on the way in, but by midday the temperatures had risen to 30c plus and it was quite uncomfortable walking back.   And that was on a pretty flat walk.  

Though short this is a very pleasant walk.  It’s on very quiet campo roads all the way and we rarely meet another person, let alone any cars


The Monday Parcent street market was our excuse to walk in.  Not on a par with the Jalon Saturday Rasto, and a good excuse for a short walk

Then to the almost empty Cooperativea for a quiet coffee and a read.   It’s not as enjoyable as our normal Monday walk, but it’s not a bad alternative in the hot weather

We live on a hill overlooking Parcent.    The shortcut involves this steep road which is not much fun at the best of times and is to be avoided when the temperatures rise above 30c.   About half way up we started to wonder what had happened to our "mountain legs"

We are very much looking forward to meeting up with all our friends on our regular Monday Group walks.    Don’t forget we meet at Masymas car park in Javea at 10am Monday 1 October 2012.

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