Friday, 30 November 2012

29 Nov 2012 – Juvees de Alt

 Margret had asked David to show her this walk from Benimaurell, and he invited us along.   It had turned very cold since our last walk on Monday, but we had not realised just how cold until we started the walk.   Clearly Margret had realised, she came dressed for alpine walking.
The recent rain had caused a lot of damage to the Orba to Benimaurell road, and we passed workmen on the way.  But we had not expected damage to the mosarabic trail, which usually survive the worst of weather
Although it was very cold, it was also bright and even sunny.   Whilst we were walking it was quite comfortable as long as we kept well wrapped up.  But we soon got chilled when we stopped for lunch.
So we finished the walk more quickly than usual.  It’s about 12 kilometer, and includes quite a bit of easy climbing, but we finished the walk in less than five hours.   Then Margret treated us all to a very welcome coffee con leche in the bar.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

26 Nov 2012 – Gata

Good turnout for this walk, including Dave and Sue who joined us for the first time.   You would think that they get enough of walking with their professional walking tours, perhaps they wanted to keep fit during one of their free weeks.

Because of the recent wet weather, we had abandoned the planned Bernia walk this week.   But in fact it was clear and sunny, so we could have done Bernia.     
 The first part of the walk does not involve much climbing, and we had our banana break before we started on Soldates.
It is accepted that everyone tackles this one at their own pace.  It’s a long, steep climb and usually a quiet one.   One of those that you can either walk or talk, but not often both
It’s a great feeling of relief to reach the top and finally notice the views.
It had turned quite cloudy by the time we reached the top, but that did not stop us from taking a well deserved break.
It did not take long for everyone to recover from the climb, and the hills were soon alive with the sound of nattering again.
Peter had found a new bar in Gata for the after walk drink – mostly coffee con leche.  

3 December 2012
Next week, weather permitting, will finally be Bernia.    Start from Bernia Inn at 10am.