Tuesday, 28 August 2012

18-25 Aug 2012 – Family Visit – Week One

My son Stuart and family came for their annual two weeks in the sun.   Unfortunately they arrived during the hottest part of the hottest summer we have had in some years.  Coming from north of Newcastle such high temperatures were something of a trial.

Much of the first week has been spent in the pool.   For most of the year we seem to spend more time cleaning and looking after the pool, but in the summer months it makes it all worth while.   Not sure how we would have coped with the heat without it.

We have also spent a lot of time in the evening eating and chilling on the naya.   Jack, aged 5, has discovered Gecko’s.  They are small lizards who gather on the naya roof waiting for small insects attracted by the lights.   Each evening when we put Jack to bed we had to promise to get him up again as soon as the Gecko’s made an appearance.

During the heat of the day we did what the Spanish do – kept indoors out of the sun.    Jan and I usually read or watch TV.   Jack and Stuart have their tablets to keep them occupied.   Both engrossed both totally unaware of each other.

The weather forecast is for lower temperatures next week.   Hope so, then we can all get out and enjoy the local area.

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