Tuesday, 21 August 2012

15 Aug 2012 - Parcent Fancy Dress Parade

The annual fancy dress parade is our favourite part of the Fiesta Week.   I suspect that those taking part much travel some distance to do so.   Each group had a theme, and the young children in particular seem to love taking part.

In past years we have always had a village band, who could be heard practicing for many weeks before the fiesta week.    But this year there was no sign of them ambling along in their untidy uniforms looking very Spanish and relaxed.   Instead we had this rather bored looking band, who played much better than they looked.
But the highlight of the parade was this very professional looking, and sounding, steel band.   They had obviously put a lot of rehearsal into their routine and it was a joy to see and hear them.   

It’s obviously not only the children who enjoy dressing up and showing off.   This group of Spanish ladies seemed to be very popular and to know most of the spectators.

The parade would stop every few hundred yards, so that each group could “do their thing”  The steel band was particularly popular, and would quickly gather a large group who were quick to join in clapping and dancing.

The parade was due to start at 7pm.   We booked a meal for 9.30pm, thinking the parade would be finished by then.  However it did not start until 8pm, and was still going strong when we had to make our way to Tramonti Restraurante for our meal.   It was surprisingly quiet; obviously more experienced locals had booked much later.

On our way home we passed the village square where the Pensionistias were having their fiesta meal.   It seemed a very quiet and sober affair after the noise and confusion of the parade.

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