Tuesday, 15 May 2012

14 May 2012 – Foyes Valley

We had a good turnout, including Sue and Ian, for David’s new extended Castell’s walk
We managed to find the elusive track, which had proved such a problem when we did the recce last week.
This was our first view of the impressive arch, near where we had planned to have lunch
But first a short water break.   Mike seems unaware of the heat, but the rest of us crowd into the shade of the nearby tree.
                                                       Then it’s on to the stone arch....
.......where Peter has an opportunity to explore........
......and the rest of us have a well deserved rest
Then back downhill to our intended lunch spot, but we reached it at 12.30, too early for lunch
So we had to walk for another half an hour and look for a good alternative spot
David found us a very suitable spot with lovely views
As often happens around Castells the temperature was two or three degrees lower than Parcent, and a cool breeze made for a pleasant break
When the weather is so good it’s easy to stop for too long at lunchtime, and today was no exception.   Everyone felt fine until we had to stand up and start walking again.
A short walk brought us to the last steep hill of the day.   When we did it for the recce it was much cooler and raining, and we had forgotten how steep the hill was.
Once at the top we had a short break and then a lovely level walk for half an hour or so.   Good enough path to allow us to look around and admire the scenery
Then it was back downhill again for the long descent to Castells.
As we neared the village we passed the spot where we had seen the field of poppies during our first walk in this area six years ago, and which had impressed us so much that we were prompted to take this photo of the same spot
Normally the final approach to Castells is along the Tarbena road.  But today we followed this quiet track downhill to the village.

21 May 2011 – Javea

Next week will probably be our last walk before the summer break.  We meet at the car park in Javea Port at 1000.   Pat will lead the walk which starts with a climb to the lighthouse, then across open heath to the tower.  If it’s not too warm we will return along the coastal path to the bay and then uphill with the help of the chain.

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