Sunday, 22 January 2012

21 Jan 2012 - Col de Rates

On our last Monday walk we offered to do a recce of Col de Rates to make sure that the path is ok.   From our naya we had a good view of the hill, and our proposed walk, as we had our breakfast.
David and Rosemary offered to join us for the walk, and their company was very welcome.   It’s always more enjoyable to walk in good company than on our own.
The path proved better than feared.   It’s never a good path at the best of times, but it was not much more overgrown than normal.
Half way up we join this road for a short distance, just enough for a break from looking down at your feet all the time.
It was gone 1.30pm when we reached our lunch spot.   We would have been in trouble with the Monday Club, who expect to arrive at the day’s picnic site at 1pm sharp!
As we had our lunch we had an excellent view of Parcent, with our house on the hill behind.   This is the reverse of our view at breakfast
 Thanks to David for this photo of us both.
The path back down to Parcent is much wider and drier, but still requires looking where you place your feet. 
The walk took us just over five hours, and we had no problems with the path.  So no doubt it will feature as a Monday Club walk in the near future

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