Tuesday, 24 January 2012

23 Jan 2012 – Bolulla Castle

  It’s a long time since we did this walk, partly because of parking problems and partly because of extensive road works which made getting there difficult.   It was one of the first walks Jan and I when we started walking here six years ago, and we have always had a soft spot for it.
Like many of the castles about here, Bolulla is on the top of a steep hill with dominating views over the valley and nearby coast.   I could claim that this is the route we took up, but I would be lying.  It is a much easier climb on the other side!
We had a good turnout today; with the return of Sylvia, Ken and Tom we made a group of 13.   But there was nothing unlucky about the weather, a lovely clear blue sky.   Cool wind and ideal for walking. 
The walk started with a gentle pace on a very good path, just right for everyone to catch up on the news since we had all last met.  Our walks can be called a lot of things, but never quiet!
It’s not long before we start to climb, and breathing takes priority over talking.
Our first break was on the flat area with views towards the coast and Benidorm.   Wendy and Jackie are still chatting.
David and Rosemary find a quiet spot to sit and enjoy the views
Then its downhill on a narrow but good path to the castle
On the way someone spotted these unusual mountain goats.   We think they are part of a small group of Ibex which has been introduced to the area.   We were fascinated that they stood looking at us looking at them (we are easily pleased).   They were quite far away so not at all threatened. 
Then it was downhill again towards the dominating Bolulla Castle
Peter somehow managed to persuade most of us to climb up to the castle.   We had not intended to do so, as it is a steep climb and we had done it when we first did this walk.   But as more and more agreed to go we felt we had to do so to maintain our “street cred”.   Not at all sure it worked.
This photo of the fine group of climbers was taken some time after we reached the top, and everyone had recovered from the climb.   Beautiful impressive views of the area made it well worth the climb.
  Nice one of Jan
We had left our packs down below and were starting to feel hungry.   So we made our way back down.   Always more difficult than going up, and we each did it at our own speed
  Mike was one of the first to get back to his rucksack and soon perched on a handy rock to enjoy lunch.
It’s a long walk back, but no more climbing.   We were all tired but very happy after a very enjoyable walk.
Monday 30 January
Almadich is a new walk for the group.  This is one of the walks in Bob Stansfield’s Cicerone Guide and he describes it as” a most scenic walk and, for once, you do not climb to the summit of the mountain”.   He also confirms that it is 17km.  This is considerably longer than most of our walks.   We are really looking forward to it.   Meet at the bar in Benichembla at 1000.

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