Friday, 20 January 2012

19 Jan 2012 – Calpe

Our Monday walk was cancelled due to the weather, so we were really pleased when David and Rosemary suggested that we join them and Margret for a walk along the coastal path from Calpe
It also gave Jan an opportunity to show off the new walking socks she got in UK over Christmas.
Most of the walk was along this lovely coastal path
 This is one of our favourite short walks, but we usually don’t go any further than the dive centre
The path has been extended beyond the centre, and today we followed it
When the path ended we continued along the beach and over the rocks
 Eventually the going becomes quite rough, so we turned about and made our way back
When we first did this walk some years ago, David toppled a beach cairn by adding one stone too many.  We have never let him forget it, so today he built a new one in the same spot.  
Just below the tourist information centre we stopped for lunch at their picnic site
Jan and David deep in conversation
Then back along the coastal path to the dive centre
Where we had a well deserved cup of coffee.

Monday 23 January2012
We will do Bolulla Castle, the walk which was cancelled this week.    Meet at kilometer 7 on the Tarbena to Castell road at 1000.  We will be doing the easier anti clockwise walk and walking down to the Castle after lunch, rather than having to face the steep climb.

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