Tuesday, 10 January 2012

9 Jan 2011 – Pinos to Bernia

 Bright and sunny, but not yet very warm, for our first Monday Club walk of 2012
A gentle climb, combined with a stronger sun, soon resulted in the first stop to remove a layer of clothing.
This part of the walk is gentle and flat, on quite a good track.  So an opportunity to look around and enjoy the mountain and coastal views
Another short climb brings and a short break to admire the views towards Calpe.

Warm enough now to require a water stop and remove another layer.
Lunch was at our usual spot just below Bernia….
  …and who could ask for a better picnic spot than this.
 Peter and Mike went off to explore an interesting path, the rest of us started downhill back towards Pinos

No sign of Peter or Mike when we got back to the cars.  So we went off for a well deserved coffee in our car, and left them a message on their parked car.   Half an hour later they arrived with stories of a path which ended in a steep scree and a daring descent risking life and limb to get back to the cars.   They really should know better by now than to follow an “interesting” path in the mountains!
Monday 16 January 2012
One of our favourite walks, which we have not done for at least two years, Bolulla Castle.   Meet at kilometer 7 on the Tarbena to Castells road at 1000.   The plan is to do it anti clockwise to avoid that steep climb from the castle immediately after lunch.

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