Tuesday, 4 December 2012

3 Dec 2012 – Bernia Forat

After a wet weekend it was bright and sunny, though very cold, when we met at Bernia Inn for this twice delayed walk.  David and Rosemary are returning to UK for Christmas this week, and numbers will not pick up again until the New Year.

The climb is on the shaded side of Bernia and the path was very muddy in places.   But the climb soon warmed us all up.
It was not long before the first layer of clothing was being removed.   
 The forat which is narrow and low was very muddy and wet in places, so all were pleased to get it over with.
As always the view on the other side was spectacular, and being a sun trap provided a welcome rest before tackling the rest of the walk.
The path is much better signed than when we first tackled it six years ago, but it is still a long walk on not particularly good tracks.
It has some very impressive scenery, but the track is rough and broken and it’s not advisable to look around as you walk.
We made very good time, and arrived at the fort three hours into the walk, at exactly the official lunch time of 1pm.
Lots of space to select a suitable spot for lunch, all with great views.   By now it was warm and sunny, just like a good spring day in the UK.  Ideal walking, or picnic, weather.
Time for another group photograph on the way back.................

..................and another one of Peter who was off doing his own thing
 There were excellent views of the Balearic Islands, and Peter borrowed Dave’s binoculars to check them out.   Everyone else just made the best of an excuse to stop walking for a while.
Most of the bars close on Monday, but this favourite in Pinos is always open.   Everyone was quite happy to sit and natter until the sun went down.

10 December 2012 
Meet at the Olta campsite car park at 10am for walk to the summit of Olta

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