Tuesday, 11 December 2012

10 Dec 2012 – Olta Summit

Bright and clear, but again very cold, for our second attempt to reach the summit.    Last year we abandoned the attempt due to strong winds.
The first part of the walk was half of the anti clockwise circuit, including a scramble, which managed to warm us all up before starting on the summit proper.
We had a short break before the climb, to consider just how high it was and how difficult it looked.   By now most had removed the first layer of clothes.
In fact the path was very good, and not very steep.   It was not as cold as last time, and in fact just right.   Sunny and bright, but cool enough to make walking quite comfortable.
We had lunch on the summit.   The all around views are pretty impressive, and we had the whole area to ourselves.   It was not much further than where we had abandoned the attempt last year, and we were all really pleased to have made it this year.
Sue is now the proud owner of a very impressive, and very expensive, new hat.   She told us all about it in great detail, and was kind enough to let Jan try it for size.  
The rest of the walk was new to us, but there was a clearly signed path to follow
It was fine until we reached this very difficult section just before we rejoined the main circular path around Olta.

17 December 2012

The last walk before Christmas will be from Lliber.    Meet by the river, not the main village car park, at 10am.

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