Tuesday, 9 October 2012

8 Oct 2012 - Granadella

This shorter walk was a concession to David and Rosemary, who arrived from UK at 2am this morning!   That is real dedication.
We started off with 8, but Rosemary and Sue left us at the mirador and took the more direct route to the beach.
The rest of us set off over the headland towards the fort

We soon appreciated how wise Rosemary and Sue had been, as the temperatures were in the 30s and we were soon overheating as we started to climb

 We soon reached the top, and it was much easier going down towards the fort
 We gathered around the side of the tower to make the best of the small amount of shade for our banana break.
 Then it was off along the coastal path, which is really much easier than this photograph makes it look
 Then a short break at the second mirador overlooking Granadella beach (note Pat making use of her umbrella to shade her from the very hot sun
 As soon as we reached the beach Peter, David, Sue and Pat were in for a swim.   They confirmed that the water was lovely, the small rocks less so.  Pat was stung by a jelly fish just after entering the water, which brought the swim to an abrupt end
Meanwhile Jan and I made an early start on our picnic lunch
With the swim it was a longer than usual lunch break, and it was more than an hour before we set off back.
The return journey includes a very steep climb.   Despite a slow pace we also needed frequent short stops to recover.
 A lovely walk, but with temperatures in the mid 30s it was too hot for the climbing involved.   I’m sure everyone would have been quite pleased if there was a local bus which could have taken us back from the beach to the cars three miles away.

Monday 15 October

Meet next week in the Correos car park in Gata at 1000.

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