Tuesday, 30 October 2012

22 Oct 2012 – Madrid

We were dropped off at the Royal Palace and given four hours to explore Madrid

Our first stop was the nearest tourist information office to get a map and advice on how best to spend those four hours.   We set off for the Plaza Mayor, and on the way passed these policemen preparing for more demonstrations against the current government cuts.
Fortunately there was no sign of the demonstrators when we reached the Plaza Mayor, though there were two of our mounted policemen keeping an eye on things
It was good to stop moving on the coach, and we made the best of our time to explore as much as possible.
There were quite a few street performers, but this was the most impressive one.
We found Mike and Jackie and treated ourselves to a coffee in the Plaza Mayor.   We thought it was pretty expensive at three euro.   But even worse was a small bottle of water for Jackie at the same price.  But money well spent as it was very enjoyable sitting in the sun and watching the entertainment.

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