Sunday, 8 April 2012

7 Apr 2010 – Benichembla

David and Rosemary joined us for a recce walk from Parcent to Benichembla.   It is one of the new walks signposted between villages.   We have already done Parcent to Murla, and noticed the sign to Benichembla won our last visit.
We know Murla very well, but found some places we had not seen before.  They took us on a circuit of the village, but we could not find an exit path.   Fortunately we had a good idea where the path was likely to go, and found it again after a little exploring.
Despite the good weather forecast, we did have some black clouds, and wondered whether it might have been a good idea to take our waterproof with us.  

We had our banana stop near the abandoned restraurant.   The English owners bought it for one million Euros, but did not have permission before they opened.   After a few weeks they were closed down, and it has been empty ever since.   A year later it is quickly turning into a ruin.  What a shame, and such a terrible waste.
It was a very pleasant walk, though a little too easy for the Monday Club.   It was a round trip of 7-8 miles on mostly good tracks along the river and with the two villages.   We will do it again, and explore a little further along the river beyond Benichembla.

On the way back we made friends with this lovely horse.  He looked very healthy and well fed, but he didn’t mind Jan feeding him handfuls of fresh grass.

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