Friday, 2 March 2012

1 Mar 2012 – Pedreguer Font de Axia

This is not one of the favourite walks for the Monday Club, so we were very pleased when David and Rosemary suggested that we join them to do it without the group.
We had a lovely day for walking, blue skies and cool wind.   It is a little early for the flowers, but this time of year always reminds us of walking in UK in the spring.   Cool enough to walk yet warm enough to sit and have a picnic.
About an hour into the walk we came upon this old finca which is being renovated.   In fact the whole are around the finca had clearly been tidied up.   It was a good spot for our banana break.
After our break it was downhill to the font.   It made a nice change to be walking of a good surface which allowed us to look around and enjoy the views.
We didn’t in fact go as far as Font de Axia, because we wanted to get most of the climbing over before lunch.   So we started to climb just before the font and looked for a suitable picnic site when we reached the top.
This area around Pedreguer has become a firm favourite since David introduced it to us a couple of years ago.  Despite having the best sign posted walks in the whole area, it is always quiet and offers excellent views of the surrounding hills.
I still prefer Castel de Axia, but this made a very good alternative.    Let’s hope we can persuade the Monday Group to revisit the area soon.

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