Tuesday, 28 February 2012

27 Feb 2012 – East Bernia

Due to a variety of medical problems there were only seven of us for this challenging walk.  We were lucky with the weather today, warm but with a cool breeze.  Just right for tackling Bernia.
The first part of the walk is the same as Bernia via the Forat, but we then leave the path and head down hill into the valley.   But not for long, we are soon walking uphill again.
At the top of the first steep climb we had a short rest, whilst Peter went off to check out any new paths.
As we rested we spotted these wild goats.   The mother kept a wary eye on us, whilst the lambs (?) played amongst the rocks at the edge of a long drop.  
Peter got us going again with the promise of a banana stop at the next col. We followed this excellent marker, which Peter claimed he had placed during an earlier recce. I am sure I was not the only one who took this with a “pinch of salt
And then it was a long and very steep climb uphill for half an hour. I took a break to ease my heavy breathing and take this photo of David and Rosemary.
  Eventually we reached the top, and the views were just as impressive as I had remembered them.
  There was a particularly impressive, and unusual, view of the Olta, with Calpe Ifach behind.
And then it was downhill again.  This time no path to speak of and the going was particularly difficult.   So it was more a matter of sliding down rather than walking.   It might well have been this same section which resulted in Jan’s smiley face patch.
Lunch was at the picnic site.   It was a real pleasure to have a proper table and bench to sit and eat.   Despite the sun it was cool in the shade – hence the jackets.
And once more a steep climb uphill to join the path we would have used had we done the more traditional circuit via the Forat.   It’s unfortunate that this hard climb has to be tackled immediately after lunch.
 Within a short time we could look down at our picnic site, and the coast beyond
  A final short break at the fort before returning to the cars.   The walk was longer, and more difficult, than I remembered it from last time.   It was 4pm by the time we finished, and most of us had found it quite hard going. At the same time most of us had enjoyed it, and it’s good to tackle a more challenging walk now and then.

Monday 5 March 2012
Next week we meet at Tormos in the car park on the Orba-Sagra road.   Peter is leading a walk which we did a year or so ago.  Pat and Peter have did a recce last week, and found part of it to be overgrown.  So Pat has asked that everyone bring a pair of secateurs to do a bit of route clearance.

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