Friday, 2 November 2012

25 Oct 2012 – Toledo

Another wet morning as we set off for Toledo.  But again it cleared as we arrived at the view point overlooking the city
It was much colder than we have been used to lately, but at least the rain has stopped and we were impressed by the view of the city.
Again our first stop was the tourist information office, to get a map of the city and ask advice on what to see.   We had to choose between the cathedral and the military museum.   We choose the latter, but were disappointed.   It is housed in the large Alcazar in the centre of the city, and has recently been renovated.   But the displays were very unimaginative and old fashioned, and the descriptions badly positioned and hard to read.   We were delighted to find a large collection of model soldiers, but the lighting was poor and the display too low to be able to study comfortably.
But we did find an excellent place to have lunch.   It was off the main tourist area and very popular with local Spanish, particularly students.   We spent a very enjoyable hour sitting and watching the world go by.

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