Tuesday, 6 November 2012

1 Nov 2012 – Fig Tree Walk

It was good to meet up with Dave and Sue for this old favourite.   It always surprises me that they are always up for a walk when they have some spare time, despite spending most of their working lives leading walking groups

The dogs came too, but they are no trouble at all.   Even when we had our banana stop they kept their distance, until we felt sorry for them and called them over for a cuddle
 The path, like so many others lately, is very overgrown.  But it would be too big a job to try to clear it by hand
 We don’t have a particular spot for our lunch break, and just look for somewhere suitable when we feel hungry.
Just before lunch Dave had “had words” with a couple of middle aged Spanish men who almost ran the dogs down by speeding along the track.   As we had lunch we could see a similar car in the distance, and Dave confirmed that they were hunters.
Sue and Dave are always good company, and it’s always interesting to catch up on their news.   They always seem to lead a very busy life compared with our relaxed routine.
As always Jan and Sue had plenty of news to catch up on and gossip to exchange.

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