Tuesday, 7 August 2012

August 2012 - Our New Car

I guess for some people getting a new car is pretty uncomplicated.  They know what they want and they go and buy it.  Not so for us.   We had our Vauxhall Astra for nine years and had never really thought about other cars during all of that time.   So when we decided it was time to change we did not know where to start

So the last month has been devoted to researching which car to buy.   Hours spent on the internet comparing VW, Peugeot, Opel, Seat and Ford.   Countless visits to showrooms, both in UK and here in Spain.  

Then what to do with our old Astra.  It’s in perfect working order, for its age, but is right hand drive.  Worse still, it does not have air conditioning.   This joint disadvantage apparently makes it of no value at all locally.   We could have sold it privately, but that can be a minefield in Spain.  So we wanted to part exchange it.   But no one was interested.

Then we found Dunia, the sales lady in our local Seat showroom.   Seat was my first choice, but it took about six weeks for Jan to agree.   Dunia was patient throughout and extremely helpful.  She even managed a good exchange deal for our old Astra.   And when we picked up our brand new Seat Ibiza she made us feel like we had bought the car of the year.   


  1. It’s good that you did a lot of research before even going to look at potential new cars. That would definitely have made it easier to choose which car you would eventually buy. Thank goodness for that saleswoman you found! I hope your previous car is in good hands now.

  2. Hi Nina

    We were very lucky to find Dunia, she made the whole process trouble free and even enjoyable.

    Unfortunately our old car has gone to the scrap yard. Apart from its age, nine years, there was nothing wrong with it. But being right hand drive it was felt it was better to scrap it. Quite sad really.