Thursday, 5 July 2012

25 June 2012 - Tourist Zaragoza

We ended our visit to the “siege” area of Zaragoza back on the main tourist trail

We walked along the river Ebro towards the city centre, with impressive views ahead both sides of the river.   It reminded us of our first night in Seville when we had done something very similar.

Our walk took us to the famous Plaza del  Pilar, where the cafe's on the shaded side of the square seemed to be very popular with tourists and locals alike.....

......the beer was very reasonable for such a tourist spot......

 ....the view of the Basilica opposite second to none......

.....and the beer went down very well indeed.

After our evening meal in the hotel we went out to explore the city by night, and to find  the sole remaining city gate from the siege of 1808.   The Puerta del Carmen is now a roundabout on the Passeo de Pampolona  and the traffic was so busy that we could only view it from a distance.

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