Saturday, 23 June 2012

23 June 2012 – Uninvited Visitor

First thing this morning Jan heard a cat crying.   Opening the front door to investigate, in her pj’s, she found this little charmer sat on the door step.

There are a few “wild cats” around, and we thought this one might have wandered off and lost her  mum

A quick inspection confirmed that “he” was actually a “she”

And she quickly proved to be anything but “wild”

She seemed to be well fed, and used to human company.  There is some speculation that she might have been abandoned near our house  last night.

She was very thirsty and made quick work of some milk.

We thought she might be too young for solid food, but she seemed very partial to some tuna.

More than anything she seemed to want some company, and preferably indoors.

Our neighbours feed a couple of stray cats at an empty house nearby, and they have taken her to join them.   Let’s hope that she is adopted by them and settles in with her new family.

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