Wednesday, 25 April 2012

23 Apr 2012 – Juvees de Alt

 We always seem to have a photo taken at this sign, which is the start of the walk.   Lots of shorts on view to celebrate a rise in temperature.   It was good to have Barry back again after  a short absence due to back trouble.

David led this walk, and did so at a very good pace. 

 We had lots of unofficial stops to admire flowers and try to identify them

We usually have our banana stop at the deserted village, but David was persuaded to call an early break due to pressure from the ranks.

Most of the climbing is done at the start of the walk, and after the village we follow an excellent track with extensive views.

  David arrived at our lunch spot just six minutes early, but there were no complaints.

  Our picnic spot was so pleasant that no one was in any hurry to get  walking again

One of the great advantages of this walk is that most of the climbing is done in the car, so we get the benefit of views like this without too much effort.

  Not sure what this break was  for, no doubt to  admire an unusual  flower
  Then it was downhill back Benimaurell and a cold drink in the bar

Monday 30 April 2012

David will lead his new walk from Pinos to Marnes.   Meet at the bridge just after Pinos at 10am as usual.

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