Thursday, 9 February 2012

6 Feb 2011 – Col de Rates

Unfortunately Jan and I had to miss today’s walk.   Jan was feeling poorly due to a “tummy bug”, and was confined to bed all day and much in need of a little TLC.  We felt very guilty, because we were supposed to lead to this walk.   But fortunately we had done a recce with David and Rosemary last week, and David was able to lead.   Thanks also to David for these photographs.

13 February 2012
Next week's walk will be Soldates from Gata.
Meet in the car park behind the post office in at 1000. 


  1. Hi Jan and Paul
    Thanks for the nice blogs, we spend many evenings looking at the nice photos. We have done almost half of all your walks, so we can compare your photos with our photos !!!

  2. Thanks for the comments.

    Do you live in Spain or holiday here?

    Do you walk on your own or with the CBMW?

    Its a lovely area for walking, and we are fortunate to have a friendly group to explore it with.



    1. The last 5 years we stay (each year for 6 months) on a campsite near Vilajoyosa. Together with 10 other (retired) people on this campsite, we go twice a week to the mountains for a 4 - 5 hour walk/hike.