Thursday, 23 February 2012

23 Feb 2012 – Orba Castle

This is one of our local walks.   We walk from the house, and can see the castle from the end of the street.

We were pleased to find the new orange route signs at the start of the walk, and decided to follow them and hope that they led to Murla.
It was a very good path, and very easy to follow.   Walking through the almond blossoms most of the way.
As expected they did lead to Murla.   It was much quicker than our old path, and avoided the long walk along the dry river bed.
David and Rosemary joined us for the walk.   We had our banana stop just before we started the climb to the castle.
The path was overgrown, and it was difficult to follow the signs.  But having done it so often before we did not have any trouble reaching the top.
Warm and sunny for our picnic lunch.  The four of us have done this walk so often that we even have our own regular spot to sit.
The path down was even more overgrown.  This is not part of the new official path, and therefore not so well signposted.   What marks there are were mostly faded or covered by undergrowth.   But again we know it so well that we found our way down without difficulty.
It was nice to do this walk once more, and particularly so with the new path.

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